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Our Services

Helping every patient achieve a bright and healthy smile is something we’re deeply passionate about at Booragoon Family Dental Centre. We offer a range of dental services to help keep every member of your family smiling, including:

Check-up and Cleaning

Focusing on a preventative approach, our dentists provide check-up and cleans to help patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Every 6 months is usually the recommended interval for this to be done, depending on a person’s needs. If you would like a recommendation for yourself or a family member (or if it’s just been a while since your last check-up and clean!), you are welcome to call our friendly receptionist on (08) 6244 2288. Also feel free have a look at our online booking system to find the best available appointment for you.

Children’s Dental

From toddlers to teens, children of all ages can access friendly and gentle, age-appropriate dental care at our practice. Our dentists and staff all work well with children and aim to help our younger patients feel at ease so they can enjoy their time with us and look forward to a lifetime of excellent dental health. We also have a TV and a kid’s corner with books and toys in our waiting area to accommodate young children.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is utilised to completely cover or “cap” a weakened tooth, usually with a fortified porcelain material. In addition to strengthening a damaged or root-canal treated tooth, a crown can be used to improve its appearance, shape or alignment for a beautiful and practical solution.

Bridges are typically used as a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth. They span the space where teeth are missing. Bridges are glued to the natural teeth or implants either side to replace the empty space in the middle with a false porcelain tooth. In most cases from their appearance it is impossible to tell that the tooth was ever missing. Ask your dentist for their opinion if you feel this treatment may be suitable for you.


If you prefer a removable or more budget-oriented approach to replacing missing teeth, then a chrome (metal-base) or acrylic (plastic-base) denture may be appropriate for you. We fabricate, repair and reline dentures in many different styles and can tailor a denture solution that works best for you. We also offer a same-day denture denture repair service where you can drop your denture off in the morning and have it repaired and ready for you by the afternoon

Emergency Dental

What brings you in to see us today? From a throbbing toothache in the middle of the night to a broken tooth, while playing sport, unfortunate dental emergencies can occur at any time. We make allowance for same-day emergency visits. Call us on (08) 6244 2288 or check our appointment availability online with our online booking system.


We offer a range of fillings and different options suitable for treatment of cavities in the teeth, including white (composite resin) fillings. A cavity in a tooth is similar to a rotten area in a piece of fruit. It will slowly rot into the inner layers of the tooth over time. Did you know that most cavities are completely asymptomatic (no pain or sensitivity at all) until they are too large to be fixed with a filling? That’s why it’s so important to have your teeth checked by a dental professional on a regular basis, both visually and with x-rays. This way if a cavity is starting it can be identified and fixed early, effectively ‘stopped in its tracks’ by sealing it off with a filling, before it causes bigger problems with the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment or Extraction

Our staff provide an efficient, caring, professional, and accommodating approach when anyone calls our clinic with severe toothache. We will do our best to fit you in for an appointment wherever we can and try to prioritise these cases. Root canal treatment or extraction of a tooth is most commonly required when decay bacteria has entered the inner layer of the tooth via a cavity or other means. This is most commonly accompanied by a toothache of varying severity. In some cases there will be no pain at all.

At Booragoon Family Dental we preschedule the majority of our root canal and extraction treatments for Wednesdays or Saturdays. If you are experiencing severe toothache and would like to discuss these treatment options or antibiotic therapy, please call us on (08) 6244 2288 or book online if after hours. We will usually recommend a dose-appropriate combination of ibuprofen (Neurofen) and paracetamol (Panadol) in the interim period before you can get in for your appointment. Please speak to an after-hours pharmacist about this if you require emergency pain relief.

Oral Hygiene

Your dentist will demonstrate to you proper brushing and flossing techniques tailored to your unique needs. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene practices goes a long way towards keeping your mouth and teeth healthy and sparkling clean throughout your lifetime.

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Contact us today to schedule a Saturday or same-day appointment. We accept health insurance, Veteran’s affairs, Metro Subsidy and Child Dental Benefit Schedule patients and offer emergency dental care where required.


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