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Checkup and Clean

dr lisa with patientThe team at Booragoon Family Dental Centre offer a broad array of services. From kids to adults, we want your entire family to enjoy the benefits of having great oral health. One of the biggest impacts you can have on your teeth and gums can come from having periodic checkup and cleans. Though these appointments don’t take long, they’re essential to having a healthy smile.

What to Expect

There is a multi-step process we’ll take you through at each of your checkup and clean appointments. When you arrive, we’ll have a chat with you to talk about why you’re here and any concerns you may have. We’ll ask whether there has been any issues since your last check or if there is anything in particular you’d like for us to take a look at .

Then, we’ll examine each tooth, having our dental nurse make a record of it in your chart. If we need to update your X-rays, we’ll do so. If we find anything that needs further treatment, we’ll discuss it with you.

The final step is to have your cleaning done. We may do so by hand or with an ultrasonic instrument. The cleaning can be followed up by a fluoride treatment if we feel that you will benefit from it.

We may uncover other needs as we proceed with your examination. If a tooth has decay or another issue that we identify, we’ll tell you what we find. When more treatment is necessary, we will give you a price quote for all of your options. Our receptionist will go over the treatment and all costs, which includes what your health fund will cover. We can also discuss the appropriate timeframe in which to carry out your treatment.

We talk about dental hygiene with each of our patients. We’ll discuss brushing, flossing, cleaning your teeth and give you feedback on your techniques. We want it to be realistic for you to take care of your teeth. Together, we’ll come up with the strategy that’s right for you. If you find it difficult to keep your teeth clean, we’ll help you determine how you can do so and implement it into your daily life.

We have models in our practice that allow us to show you exactly what we mean. You’ll understand in detail exactly what you can do to take your oral health into your control.

How often should I have checkup and clean appointments?

We recommend you have these appointments every six months. If you are at risk of gum disease, cavities or other issues, we may recommend that you attend them more often. We’ll talk about what’s right for you at your visit with us.
How will I know when it's time for my next appointment?

We have a recall list that we’ll add you to. You’ll be notified when it’s time to book in for another check and clean appointment.
Should my kids come in for checkup and cleans?

Yes! We are pleased to offer children’s dentistry. Your children can also come in every six months for appointments, just like we would recommend to an adult. We can then ensure that their teeth stay healthy for life.

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*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Your dentist is a qualified practitioner who will discuss risks and benefits with you, to help you make an informed decision about your dental treatment


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