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About Us

Helping to ensure that we provide dental care you can trust-at every visit!

At our brand-new practice you and every member of your family will receive professional dental care to a high standard. Our dentists provide quality dental treatments in a warm and friendly environment. Here, we aim to look after the whole person and not just their teeth. “Our patients’ overall health comes first,” says Dr Lisa.

Empowering Our Patients

In addition to providing oral hygiene instruction and tips, we want to enable patients to look after their dental health. We also provide educational materials in the dental clinic. These include pamphlets and written post-operative instructions for specific procedures. It’s our aim to ensure that patients are fully informed about the different treatments they will have done. If you have questions feel free to ask during your treatment so you completely understand what is going on. If you are the opposite and want to zone out completely, listen to loud music and not be informed every step of the way, that’s fine too! Just let us know.

Providing a Fun Place for Kids

We love seeing children of all ages at our practice. We feature a fun kids’ zone in our waiting area with a TV to watch as well. With toys to play with and books to read (and a crazy pair of sunglasses to wear during their treatment!), children will look forward to their visits. Parents can feel comfortable knowing their children will have a fun and safe place to play until it’s time for their checkup.

Our dentists enjoy treating children and do so on a regular basis. They do however ask that parents of our young patients be mindful that they can unintentionally sabotage their child’s treatment by ‘psyching them up’. What this means is that it is important to avoid trigger words and phrases that will set your child up to fear a dentist – i.e. if you say “this won’t hurt, you don’t need to be scared”, all your child will hear is “hurt” and “scared”! The best approach is to act as though a visit to the dentist is a visit to a family friend, have a chat and a laugh. A relaxed parent means a relaxed child, which leads to a fun and enjoyable dental visit for everyone!

We have discovered this again and again through years of combined experience. Our dentists and the staff will look after your kids and will make the visit just that little bit silly, with a fun sticker at the end. Your kids will be begging you when they can next come in to see the dentist. Don’t believe us? Bring them in for a checkup and find out!

Offering an Array of Services

Keep your teeth in tip-top shape with the following services:

Featuring Emergency Dental Care

Unfortunately, dental emergencies can arise at any time of day or night. We want to help our patients get the emergency dental care they need as quickly as possible. We always do our best to make allowance for same-day emergency visits.
Until you can get into our office, we can provide you with detailed instructions over the phone on how to handle your dental emergency.

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Contact our approachable staff today on (08) 6244 228 today to book an appointment! We also have online booking available if you prefer this option.


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